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Retaining Walls

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Retaining Walls can be an essential part of many gardens and homes. They can reinforce areas of your house and also allow you more space and height for gardening and entertaining. However poorly constructed Retaining Walls are not only ugly but very dangerous.

This is why you need an expert. Fresh Earthworks have installed countless retaining walls in the Southern area and beyond, with extensive constructions in area such as Seaford, Aldinga and Port Willunga. We ensure we use only the best materials ensuring you will have your retaining walls for years to come.

So contact us today to discuss your Retaining Wall needs.

Our Retaining Wall services include:

  • modular retaining walls

  • Concrete sleepers

  • wooden sleepers

  • Retaining wall design

  • Engineers Reports

  • Council Approval Feature Block Walls


Retaining Walls Hallet Cove 01
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Retaining Walls Brighton 01
Retaining Walls Brighton 02
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Retaining Walls Onkaparinga Hills 01
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Retaining Walls Before


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